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Department of Nutritional Management

Good nutrition is the foundation of good treatment. We provide meals that are suitable for each patient, nutritional counseling and the services of a nutrition support team.

Medical support services

Our dietitians create meal plans tailored for each patient, taking into account various factors such as food allergies, diseases, age, and preferred cooking methods. Several of our registered dietitians have a qualification from the Nutrition Support Therapists and Certified Diabetes Educators of Japan, and provide comprehensive support of patients’ nutritional management across the NCCHD with other medical staff.

Basic policy

  1. We practice nutritional therapy by providing meals that are suitable for each patient according to their medical condition and age.
  2. We provide patients with delicious and healthy meals.
  3. We support patients’ and families’ ability to self-care through nutritional counseling.
  4. We always seek to expand and enhance the role of our nutrition support team.
  5. We promote clinical research on nutritional management.

Meal services

  • Meals are always served at an appropriate temperature.
  • Patients can choose their meal from our menu list (available for patients who are on a regular diet, maternity diet, energy-controlled maternity diet, and children’s meals.)
  • We provide special meals on Christmas Day and other festive days. For children, we also provide fun-themed meals once a month.
  • We offer a special menu to mothers who are celebrating having just given birth, with both Japanese and Western styles available.

Target diseases for nutritional counseling

Personal counseling

Lifestyle-related diseases (obesity, fatty liver, etc.), gestational diabetes mellitus, type 1 diabetes mellitus, hypertension in pregnancy, food allergy, Crohn’s disease, poor growth, anorexia nervosa, and other conditions.

Group counseling

Breast-feeding women, pregnant women, patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, and other groups

Nutrition support team activities

We engage in nutritional management for patients with poor nutrition. The members of this team are primarily doctors, nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation staff, and dietitians. We also conduct study sessions to share our knowledge and expertise with medical staff.

Provision of kitchen equipment

  • Formula-milk dispensers are available in the milk preparation room. A ventilated ceiling system is installed in kitchens to ensure foodis kept at appropriate temperatures to ensuregood hygiene.

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