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Center for Patient Liaison and Services

The Patient Liaison and Service Center was formed from the merger of the Division of Liaison Planning, the Division of Medical Cooperation and Patient Services, and Services for Patients and Families in May 2011.

The Division of Liaison Planning manages our medical service network, and assumes a lead role in our management of public relations and foreign affairs. As patients from overseas have been increasing in number, this division cooperates internationally with Japanese NGOs and assists them with various matters, such as proof of identity.

The Division of Medical Cooperation and Patient Services (including doctors, nurses and medical social workers) is organized into a cooperative system that supports patients who are transferred to the NCCHD from external medical institutions. In addition, the division carefully arranges the scheduled discharge of patients with complicated disorders or those who are in need of advanced in-home medical care, and collaborates with local communities to support newly discharged patients’ quality of life at home.

The center also provides medical welfare counseling and accessible information on available social welfare systems through its active secretariat and an onsite information booth.

Since the NCCHD was approved as a hub hospital for pediatric cancer in 2013, our team of qualified medical social workers has provided assistance to patients and their families.To foster cooperation with local medical institutions we hold two biannual events: the NCCHD Forum (for doctors) and the NCCHD Home Medical Care Forum (for nurses). The 2012 forums focused on recent research carried out by the NCCHD, including epidemiology of childhood vaccine preventable diseases (VPD), optimized support for children with cancer and their families, and breathing regulation in children requiring respirator support.

We established the Division of Home Care Services in July 2013. The division is dedicated to providing comprehensive, family-centered care for children with special healthcare needs by cooperating with other departments in and outside the hospital.

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