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A continuous effort is being made all over the world to develop new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic methods against diseases. By sharing valuable knowledge on methods and findings, medical science has made rapid progress leading to the development of innovative treatments.

In order to overcome various unknown diseases, including rare and incurable diseases in developmental medicine, it is necessary to accumulate individual research results more widely than ever before.

Here at the NCCHD BioBank, we promote the collection and storage of samples from patients and their families, mainly relating to rare, incurable diseases and pregnancy complications that are diagnosed and treated at our center. If necessary, DNA or mRNA is extracted from collected samples, or disease iPS cells are established and stored. Depending on the disease, molecular biological analysis and genetic analysis are performed, and analysis results are stored together with the sample as valuable additional information. The anonymization control number assigned to the sample, analysis results, and the latest clinical information are all strictly managed and stored in our integrated database.

When collecting samples or providing future bank samples to external research institutions, we comply with strict guidelines and follow the approvals procedure of our Ethics Review Board. We provide samples and information to external research institutes in close cooperation with other National Centers participating in the National Center BioBank Network Project (NCBN).

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