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Gentle Breeze Classroom Setagaya

We are a branch of the Metropolitan Koumei Special Needs School, located on the 5th floor of the NCCHD.
At our school, long-term inpatients can continue their school studies while receiving treatment at the hospital.


To allow patients hospitalized at the NCCHD to continue their primary, middle, or high school studies, at the request of their families. Generally speaking, students are patients who are expected to stay at the NCCHD for over 2 weeks. Patients from outside the Tokyo region are also welcome to enroll.


Students are required to transfer from their usual school and enroll at the Gentle Breeze Classroom. When discharged from hospital, students in principle return to their original school.


Once permission has been received from the attending physician, we can commence teaching. While medical treatment at the NCCHD remains the number one priority, our classes provide an opportunity for patients to immerse themselves in a friendly and familiar school setting during their stay in hospital. Lesson topics and previous educational progress are determined through co-operation with the student's usual school of attendance.


If you wish to enroll your child in our classes, please contact the ward's chief nurse to arrange an appointment.


Metropolitan Koumei Special Needs School:
Gentle Breeze Classroom 03-5494-1238
Main School 03-3323-8421 

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