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We accept the perinatal system diseases, such as childhood intractable diseases and high-risk pregnancy and high-risk fetus.

As you can accept much as possible the patient in need of treatment, if the symptoms are stable or chronic phase and physicians judged, ask changing hospital of discharge, or to introduce been hospitals and other hospitals you may want to. We look forward for your understanding, thank you.

Hospitalization procedure

Those of patients and families, time that is specified in the admission day (the day, who is outpatient medical examination 30 minutes ago) please do the procedure in hospitalized accepted ⑤ number window before.
  • ⑤ accepted in number window is on weekdays 8:30 AM to 17:30 PM
  • Who on the day of hospitalization has been scheduled for surgery and anesthesia of the inspection, in order to carry out the priority acceptance, please visit so as not to delay in the specified time.
  1. For documents necessary for admission procedure
    Fill out all the required documents (seal in necessary places), please submit to the admissions and discharges reception ⑤ number window to hospitalization date.
    • Admission application form
    • Identity underwriting manual and medical payment guarantee
    • Infection check
    • Patient registration card
    • Health insurance card
    • Medical tickets
    • Seal
    • Mother's pocketbook
  2. In order to provide a safe medical care, for each intervention using the wristband of the patient do the patient identification (authentication).
  3. Since it issued the family for visitation card at the time of admission accepted towards the family (three upper limit), Please return at the time of discharge.During visitation, be sure to die to go wearing. If you lose such a family for visitation card, but does not re-issued.Please refer to the proceedings of the general meeting card at the admissions and discharges accepted ⑤ number window
  4. At night and on holidays of hospitalization, if there is not yet submitted chronicle leak of documents (1), please submit to the admissions and discharges reception ⑤ number window to dawn the next day or holiday.
  5. About postponement of hospitalization
    1. The patient's hospitalization plan is suffering from infectious diseases (such as chickenpox, mumps, rubella, measles), or, if there is contact with the suffering person, principle can not be hospitalized for four weeks from the date of contact as .However, unless there is that if Ya you have already took that vaccination has been finished.
    2. If physical condition is poor in a cold and fever, diarrhea, hospitalization for surgery or examination might be a postponement.If you have symptoms, please contact always attending physician.
    3. After the vaccination, a certain period of time (inactivated vaccine for one week, live vaccine 4 weeks), you will not be able to carry out the inspection and surgery by general anesthesia.


  1. What you need to hospitalization:All have was inscribed, please together on the amount that can be accommodated in the floor head table and shelves of the hospital room. If you have any questions, please contact the foreign each department.
    • Indoor shoes or sandals
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, cups
    • Cup(Those that do not crack)
    • Straw, Sippy cup
    • Sleepwear, underwear
    • Towels, bath towel
    • tissue paper
    • Shampoo, soap
    • Wipes, diapers (If necessary)
    • Earphone (Those who listen to the TV · music, etc.)
    • Such as a plastic bag (laundry basket)
  2. We shall not be able to bring
    • Hazardous materials (especially prohibited bring such as "scissors", "cutter" in the case of admission to the pediatric ward)
    • Food and drink (in principle banned from the standpoint of food poisoning prevention and dietary restrictions)
    • Consumer electronics products that require a power source (hospital outlet can not be used.)
    • Ikebana (for Some people allergic, pediatric ward in principle prohibited)
    • Bedding (to the patient offers a standard bedding. Towards the attendant has paid rent a dedicated bedding on the fifth floor shop.)
    • Other, having no need to hospitalization life


Nutritional management in the hospital is performed based on the nutrient management plan, meals are served what was cooking, depending on the medical condition and age. Medical condition by, it may become a special diet for the treatment (diet).
※ It is not possible to bring in from the outside.

We will collect the price for one meal per straight-line (standard burden). (There are times when it will be reduced by the income.)
After serving of the meal, you will bear the meals even if you did not eat by the convenience of the patient.
  • Medical condition of change, inspection, surgery, diet stopped when it was not possible meal in delivery, etc., there is no burden of meal charges.
  • Enteral nutrition and milk diet number of times you have to provide is the number of food. However, it is the case of more than three times a day and up to 3 servings.


No need for attendance, but if you would like to attendance of families in medical condition or other reasons, please consult your doctor or nurse manager. As a general rule, in your family in the case of children, it can escort up to one adult.

Use of parking

If you are using the parking lot, please received a seal of approval.

※ When you receive the seal of approval, please present the always visitation certificate or hospital discharge at the time of receipt. (Please return to the specified location visitation certificate.)
※ If you have a physical disability certificate is free.


For authorization of the attending physician is required, please contact your doctor or nurse.
Please avoid contact with those who are infected during the go-sleepover. So you may want to ask questions about the infection when it was returned to the hospital, please cooperation.
If the condition has become worse in the go-sleepover, please contact always hospitalization ward. It is not possible to visit the other medical institutions without indication of our hospital.
Retrace building time from going out, staying out are as follows.
  • Pediatric ward:16:00 PM
  • Perinatal ward:20:00 PM

Handling of such medical certificate

Medical certificate, etc. in terms of hospitalization, please offer to document accepted ④ number window on weekdays.
※ "For the life insurance company medical certificate", it will treat from 2 days before the discharge date.

Hospitalization cost

  1. Many of the various health care subsidy is pre-application. Residence of the health center, please check with the health center. Those who apply during hospitalization, please tell the purport of the pending appointment or application to always hospitalized accepted ⑤ number window to the person month.
  2. The Center is an insurance medical institution, hospitalization cost is based on the provisions of the Health Insurance Act, and then calculated by "according to the acute care diagnostic groups classification comprehensive evaluation system (DPC)".
  3. For those who have been admitted to the next month the 10th too much beyond the moon, we are claims per month. In mid next month, it was handed directly to the people of perinatal ward, so we principle mailing towards the pediatric ward, please offer if you do not wish to post.
  4. Paid receipt, because there is a case required, such as tax returns by a medical expense deduction, please keep it.
  5. Estimates of hospitalization costs, unknown point etc. invoice, please contact the admissions and discharges reception ⑤ number window.
  6. You can use some credit card.

Procedure of discharge

  1. If you have any guidance of the discharge in the ward, to perform the discharge procedure in hospitalized accepted ⑤ number window, on your settlement in accounting ③ number window, receives a "discharge notice", please pass on the ward nurse.
  2. During the discharge procedure, please return the "visitation card" always.
  3. Discharge thank you around 10:00.
  4. It may take the time at the time of discharge of the procedure, please do the procedure to have time to spare.


With disease resulting Life Unfortunately, the economic thing, for worry concerning life after hospitalization and hospital discharge, social worker has in accordance with the consultation. Consultation towards the hope, the attending physician, please offer to ward nurse manager or patient consultation.

Patient consultation contact

Anxiety, etc. associated with medical care and recuperation of patients and families, corresponding to the various consultation, to help to patients and their families can have peace of mind and safe medical treatment life, we have established a patient consultation. The contents of the consultation, the patient support personnel in each department, such as each department or ward in cooperation with (each department of the long), and the like, do the support for the resolution of anxiety, and the like.


Towards the following, we will take your deposit by the time of admission.
  • 300,000 yen If you are hospitalized for delivery (if you use the direct payment system)
  • Those who admitted at his own expense
For deposit certificate is required to checkout at the time of hospital discharge, please keep it.


  • Laundry of patients (personal belongings), please take home your family is your.
  • 5 floor there is a coin-operated laundry, you can use 24 hours. After use, in order to prevent the loss of laundry, please take away soon.
  • Please do not Hosah the laundry around the bed.

Guidance of the pediatric ward

For risk prevention
  1. Bed fence...Child to sudden, you can the movement unpredictable, you may want to chase after the parents. When you release the eyes even a little (and looked back, etc. that you want to take things in the drawer) is raised to the top of the bed rail always, please to prevent the fall. Since the fall, fall prevention video is in the Amenities terminal, please be sure at the time of admission.
  2. Totter and chairs...When using the totter, it multiplied by the voice to nurse, please be sure the belt of the shoulder and hip. In addition, the time away from the chair and totter, is multiplied by a voice to nurses or transfer to bed, please do not ride in a chair and totter alone children.
  3. Opening and closing of the curtain...Curtain around the bed, in order to hinder the child's observation, except when such change of clothes, please always open way.
  4. Toy...Children of various ages have been admitted to the hospital. The mistake was placed in the mouth, (such as scissors, knitting needle) and swallowed risk of some small toys such would do (such as beads, marbles, buttons, sewing tools, Plastic button batteries) and sharp ones, please do not bring.Because the location for housing is limited, please to up to three.
  5. Footwear...For slippers easy to fall down, please provide a non-slip slippers or athletic shoes.
Schedule of the day
  • 7:00 AM breakfast
  • 12:00 PM Lunch
  • 18:00 PM dinner
  • 20:00 PM Off (7.8.9 F)
  • 21:00 PM Off (6.10.11 F)

Handling of personal information

  1. The name of the hospital room entrance of the patients, usually so as not to appear.
  2. The infusion bottle is affixed those names of the patients have been described.
  3. "About the personal information protection policies in the National Center for Child Health and Development" Please also read.


  1. As a response in the case of emergency, please check the emergency exit for such as an earthquake or fire. Please follow the induction of staff, such as nurses and doctors when encounter any emergency.
  2. If you have a mobile phone, is set to silent mode, communication is at the specified location so as not to take the trouble to other everyone is those who need please use.
    ※ Although our hospital staff is using the PHS as for hospital contact, this PHS is one that can call only hospital (weak radio waves), it does not give the effect on medical equipment.
  3. Such as a personal computer (notebook PC, mobile), because it may cause the malfunction of the electronic medical record system, we are prohibited from bring-your-own. Also for other electrical products, we are prohibited from bring-your-own principle.
  4. facility
name weekday saturdays, sundays, and holidays
Shop「チルドレンズショップ」(B1階) 7:00 AM~22:00 PM7:00 AM~22:00 PM
Shop「くれよん」(5階) 8:00 AM~18:00 PM 8:00 AM~18:00 PM
Restaurant「つばさ」(12階) 10:00 AM~18:00 PM
Last Order 17:30
saturdays 11:00 AM~15:00 PM
Last Order 14:30 PM
sundays and holidays close
Florist「パンジー」(B1階) 10:00 AM~18:00 PM close
Volunteer shop「タン・トン・トン」 (B1階) 11:00 AM~14:30 PM close
Cafeteria「ぐうちょきパン」(B1階) 7:30 AM~18:00 PM saturdays 10:00 AM~15:00 PM
sundays and holidays close

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