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Office for Medical Safety Management

Our office investigates medical accidents that occur at the NCCHD and promotes good practice to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

The organization

Our office is made up of two doctors (vice director and chief) and a chief nurse in charge of medical safety management

Organizational management

The purpose of the organization is as follows:
  1. To establish a system that ensures medical safety and supports medical staff in handling safety incidents that occur during medical treatment.
  2. To gather and analyze information about all safety incidents from all departments of the NCCHD. We examine the cause of the incident, and investigate how previous systems had failed to prevent such incidents and how similar cases can be prevented in the future.
  3. To produce safety manuals for use within the NCCHD detailing basic guidelines for safe practice within a hospital environment.
  4. To establish awareness of security issues amongst NCCHD staff through in-hospital training and the cultivation of a safe working environment.

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