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Department of Nursing

Objectives and policy

  • To nurture life and to support the future of children and families through world-class nursing.
  • To respect human life and to exemplify the humanity of nursing
  • To provide a level of care which encourages growth, and makes a difference in individuals’ lives
  • To train and develop creative and mature individuals in the field of nursing


As part of our mission to foster good health in the next generation, our nurses continuously provide comprehensive and outstanding care to patients and their families throughout the reproduction life cycle.

Beyond traditional pediatric and maternity nursing, our department also provides support for pediatric genetics and children’s mental and emotional development. In this regard nurses’ roles and responsibilities continue to evolve in order to cater for the changing needs of both patients and society.

Whilst our medical team provides first-rate care to patients, our department as a whole also collaborates on a wide range of issues, including school education and welfare, in order to effectively support our patients and their families. Our staff consists of a number of multi-disciplinary professionals. For instance, there are nurses who are certified in a variety of specialized areas, such as pediatric nursing, clinical research coordination and genetic counseling. In addition, we also work with nursery teachers and child life specialists in order to provide a high quality of comprehensive care.

Education to improve nursing practice

Education goals

We aim to both maintain and improve the quality of life of patients and their families, and to train and develop high-quality nursing staff

To learn together, to grow together

Nurses are expected to provide high-quality care whilst supporting and respecting patients and their families’ needs according to medical evidence and their individual situations. In this way we support each and every individual to develop and reach their full potential. The learning environment in our department integrates traditional on-the-job training and off-the-job training, as well as e-learning, and the possibility of out-of-hospital training. We also encourage senior and junior staff to share experiences and learn together. There is also a study leave system for those interested in becoming professional certified nurses.

Research and other activities

Our department’s mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of children and their families. In order to pursue this goal, we conduct research and provide education on child health and development. Furthermore, we provide advice to companies on child safety in relation to their products, and cooperate with them in manufacturing and producing goods.

We are also actively seeking opportunities for future growth. To this end we aim to establish a new nursing facility on the grounds of the NCCHD in the near future.

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