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Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine carries out laboratory examinations which are essential for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Our department has five laboratories including transfusion medicine, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, clinical physiology and an advanced medical laboratory.

Transfusion Medicine Laboratory

This laboratory is responsible for the supply and testing of donated blood given to patients during surgery and the treatment of blood diseases. The division also carries out tests to establish transfusion compatibility amongst patients, such as blood grouping and irregular antibody screening tests, direct and indirect Coombs tests, and cross matching.

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory

This division conducts general blood and urine tests and other biochemical tests using specimens including blood, urine and cerebrospinal fluid to help diagnose a variety of diseases.

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

This division provides a wide range of diagnostics services in bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, and mycobacteriology, using material such as sputum, pharyngeal mucus, stool, urine, blood and pus. Antibacterial susceptibility tests for pathogens are also performed.

Clinical Physiology Laboratory

Clinical physiology tests are performed to evaluate the functional ability of certain organs and systems. The division performs the following clinical physiology tests: electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), spirometry, audiometry and ultrasonography.

Advanced Medical Laboratory

This division provides genetic tests for several genetic diseases such as inherited metabolic disorders, genetic skeletal disorders and congenital malformation syndromes. Our laboratory also performs high-risk screening for lysosomal storage diseases and newborn screening for Pompe disease. Samples taken from patients staying at other hospitals are also accepted.

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