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Scholar & Enterprise

Scholar & Enterprise

Center for Regenerative Medicine

Our center is currently conducting researches into the generation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) as a source for cell-based therapy, which can help replace damaged tissues and organs and restore their function. We are currently developing ESCs-based treatments for severe congenital urea cycle disorders. Our departments aim to elucidate the mechanisms of fertilization and early embryogenesis. We also conduct clinical trials of cell-based therapy using embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based products by studying differentiation in pluripotent stem cells.

Research focus

Successful generation of ESCs for clinical trial

Embryonic stem cells have two distinctive properties of indefinite proliferation and pluripotential differentiation and are a promising unlimited source of healthy cells for patients with intractable childhood diseases for which there is currently no effective therapy. We aim to generate human ESCs in the development of novel therapies for intractable childhood diseases.

ESC-based therapy for the treatment of severe urea cycle disorders

Urea cycle disorders, such as deficiencies of ornithine transcarbamylase and carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I, have a poor prognosis. As an alternative treatment for these disorders, we are developing ESC-based therapy through the manufacture of hepatocytes from human ESCs. We aim to perform initial first-in-human trials after receiving approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

Promotion of regenerative medicine using a variety of human stem cells

Adult stem cells also have great potential in regenerative medicine. We are currently investigating the clinical applications of mesenchymal stem cells, which are distributed in the bone marrow, cord blood, umbilical cord, placenta, menstrual blood, and endometrium. We are currently developing possible industrial and clinical applications of these stem cells.

human reproduction

Our work focuses on human fertilization within the human body. Since the sperm and egg cell fuse within the oviduct, the exact process remains in many ways unclear. By collecting data on spermatogenesis, oogenesis, fertilization, and pre-implantation embryogenesis events, our research aims to elucidate the regulatory factors essential for fertilization, in particular the role of the CD9 tetraspan membrane protein.



  • Akihiro Umezawa
    Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine
    Director, Department of Cell Engineering
  • Kenji Miyado
    Cheif, Division of Gamete and Reproductive Biology
  • Hidenori Akutsu
    Director, Department of Reproductive Medicine



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