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Division of Radiation Safety

We provide education and information on research activities related to radioisotopes, such as the safety measures in place at facilities, notifications of radioisotope use, changes, and permits as well as the health management of the users and safety guidance and information.

Research focus:
Our division investigates the fundamental events occurring in immune cells during an immune response to transplant antigens and ischemia/reperfusion injuries. We aim to understand the basic processes that control T-cell activation and tolerance and develop novel immunosuppressive agents, antibodies, and siRNA using rodent organ transplantation models and in vitro systems. In addition, we have proposed several new approaches for cell-based immunotherapy, including regulatory T cells, iPS-cells-derived regulatory dendritic cells, myeloid-derived suppressor cells, and mesenchymal stem cells in transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, we are promoting basic research to develop new anticancer drugs using cancer models and to elucidate their mechanism of action.



  • Xiao-Kang Li
    Chief, Division of Transplantation Immunology / Division of Radiation Safety


  • Hu Xin



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