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Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Research

We aim to clarify the molecular mechanisms of the cause and progression of cancer in children, including leukemia/lymphoma and solid tumors. Through our research we aim to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for childhood cancer. Our laboratory is responsible for molecular diagnosis and material preservation of cancer in children and serves as a hub for cancer research groups across Japan.


Molecular profiling of childhood cancer

We perform molecular profiling of clinical specimens to identify molecular targets for new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. In addition to DNA methylation profiling of childhood renal
tumors, we also analyze gene expression profiles of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) which shows a strong correlation with the prognosis. We also employ next-generation sequencing to identify novel and rare types of chimeric genes expressed in childhood ALL.

Development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for childhood cancer

We perform basic experiments to verify the function of molecular targets identified above. Our findings will then be applied in new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Our department is also developing new methods to diagnose childhood cancer, such as 10-color flow cytometry for cell marker analysis in ALL.



Senior Researchers

  • Hitomi Ueno-Yokohata


  • Satoru Watanabe
  • Masanori Yoshida
  • Ryota Shirai
  • Kaoru Yoshida
  • Takanori Mizuno
  • Shinpei Kusano
  • Hajime Okita

Research Assistants

  • Keiko Nakasato
  • Yumiko Tsuchiya

Research Collaborators

  • Yukari Toda
  • Etsuko Mochizuki

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