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Research Institute Clinical Laboratory Center

Our research institute is currently conducting studies on the molecular mechanisms underlying the causes and progression of rare and intractable diseases in children, including various forms of pediatric cancer. Through our research, we have developed new procedures for diagnosing childhood diseases which are expected to enable rapid, accurate diagnosis and predict responses to treatment. Japanese laws, however, forbid research institutes to conduct clinical laboratory tests. Therefore, we recently applied for certification as a clinical laboratory and received authorization from the Setagaya Public Health Center. Now our clinical laboratory can directly provide state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures for childhood leukemia to medical institutions all across Japan in a timely manner. We are planning to expand the clinical test items to include examinations related to rare, hereditary diseases. Our aim as ever is to contribute to progress in pediatric care in Japan by turning the latest fruits of research at our center into practical, laboratory procedures enabling timely medical treatment.

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