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Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Our mission is to clarify the precise pathogenic mechanisms of various immunological and allergic diseases, such as Kawasaki disease (KD), various allergic diseases, allogenic immune tolerance, congenital viral infections and severe infectious diseases. To achieve this, we employ various experimental approaches, including epidemiology, clinical and basic research. Our ultimate aim is to develop better means of preventing, diagnosing and treating allergic and immunological and infectious diseases based on our research findings and cumulative knowledge.

Research approach

We conduct basic research, epidemiologic studies and clinical studies in cooperation with each section of the NCCHD. We also promote collaborations between domestic and international researchers.

Research focus

The prevalence of allergic diseases has been steadily increasing, and several environmental factors are thought to be key contributors to this increase. Better understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms involved in the development, exacerbation and perpetuation of allergic inflammation will help us develop novel primary prevention strategies.

KD is an acute febrile illness that preferentially affects the coronary arteries and involves inflammation of the blood vessels. Through collaborative research with specialist doctors at the hospital, we identified several biomarkers for diagnosis and prediction of severe KD using DNA-microarray technology. We also aim to elucidate the precise molecular mechanisms underlying intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy. In addition, we are involved in multi-center genetic research projects across Japan.Immunological development towards reaction or tolerance is critically important for the rejection/tolerance of transplanted organs. We utilize various in vitro/in vivo models to develop novel therapeutic intervention strategies such as iPS-derived dendritic cells,
immunosuppressing drugs and more.

We also study infectious diseases caused by mother-to-child transmission of pathogens such as congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. We aim to clarify the mechanisms of CMV-induced pathogenesis and to find novel diagnostic markers and therapeutic strategies.

Infectious diseases remain the most common illness in childhood, especially for those with an immunodeficiency, underlying disorders, and those who have undergone surgery. We aim to develop novel diagnostic methods for a variety of pathogens that have direct impact on patient care and will also be exploited to understand the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, as well as to evaluate efficacy of therapeutics.

Current research projects

  1. Development of prevention strategies for allergic diseases
  2. Comprehensive analysis of immunological and allergic diseases using 'omics' technology
  3. Diagnosis and early treatment of KD patients at risk of developing coronary artery aneurysms
  4. Investigation of genetic and environmental factors associated with KD
  5. Exploration of mechanistic insights into immune tolerance induction and maintenance
  6. Studies of CMV-induced pathogenesis and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for congenital CMV infection
  7. Diagnosis and therapy of severe pediatric infectious diseases




  • Kenichiro Motomura
  • Sayuri Sakuragi
  • Naoko Kono

Research Collaborators

  • Shigeyoshi Fujiwara
  • Mariko Hara
  • Hirotoshi Unno
  • Masako Fujiwara
  • Susumu Nakae
  • Tomohiro Takeda
  • Tatsukuni Ohno
  • Masato Tamari
  • Mariko Kuriyama
  • Kentaro Matsuda
  • Ayako Yamada
  • Keisuke Orimo
  • Ken Arae
  • Maiko Sugie
  • Shokei Murakami

Graduate Students

  • Ryo Matsuoka
  • Hiroki Sugiyama
  • Naoko Nagano
  • Yuka Hayashi
  • Ikuyo Ito


  • Yusa Akiba
  • Mitsuki Kurosaka

Assistant Researchers

  • Hiromi Tanabe (BioBank)
  • Motomi Takami


  • Tomoko Yoshikawa
  • Chihiro Usami



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