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Department of Education for Clinical Research

Our department consists of the Division of Education for Clinical Research and the Division of Bioethics.

Division of Education for Clinical Research

Our mission is to enhance the quality of clinical research in maternal and child health in Japan by providing educational programs for medical professionals and researchers. Our division offers the following services:

Clinical research seminars

We offer two different levels of seminars: entry-level seminars for all NCCHD staff that provide opportunities to learn about the basis of clinical research, and advanced-level seminars for medical professionals and researchers to enhance their knowledge and techniques of clinical research, which can then be applied to their own projects. We also offer a three-year, part-time clinical research fellowship to develop future professional clinical researchers.

Clinical research consultation services

Consultation services are available from multiple experts in various areas of clinical research who provide professional assistance according to the nature of the study.

Professional English-language editing services

Qualified and experienced English-language editors provide editing services for researchers of the NCCHD in order to accelerate the publication of valuable information to the world. Our editors undertake the editing of research papers, responses to reviewers, and some in-house publications.

Division of Bioethics

Our division conducts multidisciplinary research in bioethics?clinical ethics and research ethics?in the field of pediatric and maternal medicine. We provide consultations on research ethics to researchers, and consultations on clinical ethics to medical staff, patients and their families. We are currently undertaking a cross-sectional study that aims to both improve the well-being of children with chronic diseases in Japan and develop policy recommendations in child health policy from a bioethical perspective. The division also participates in interdisciplinary collaboration that encompasses ethical, legal, and social disciplines within bioethics.

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