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Privacy Policy

The National Center for Child Health and Development , day-to-day , we have to use and store personal information such as medical information necessary in order to provide better health care by patients . As our center , but we are working always established a system of thorough personal information protection of patients , this time , Act on the Protection of Personal Information (commonly known as "Personal Information Protection Act ") , as well as the enforcement of the relevant laws and not even , on who your understanding about what personal information of patients will be managed by our center is being used for any purpose , became a thing where I am allowed to come into contact with the clinic . Please read the following purposes , please fill out the medical application form . If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us at accounting desk at any time .

If there is a question, please contact the agent.

For clinical service

  • In order to provide medical care
  • In order to promote cooperation with other medical institutions
  • In order to answer the question from other medical institutions
  • In order to obtain opinions and advice upon patients from the external doctors
  • Because of outsourcing , such as laboratory test
  • In order to explain medical condition to the families

For medical billing use

  • In order to carry out the accounting for the medical care provided to patients

For business operations

  • For ward management
  • Management of medical accident ( for accident prevention )


  • For the research aimed at improving the quality of medical care in the NCCHD
  • For education and training
  • For the provision of information to external auditors

Regarding surveillance camera

In our hospital , we have installed the security camera . The record is intended to be used on the management of the hospital , not provided for the purpose to publish to the outside. However, if there was a court , is asking for cooperation from the police station , we may provide them.

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